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27 Oktober 2023

Joanna Tano

Head of Research, Europe, Real Estate (EMEA)

Hans Nordby

Head of Research & Analytics, Real Estate (US), Lionstone Investments

Rising incomes: what are the outcomes for global residential rents?

We look at the correlation between disposable household incomes in Europe and the US and housing rents, why the market is like it is, and what it means for investors.
Watch time - 6 min
8 März 2021

Internationaler Frauentag

Einige unserer Fondsmanagerinnen sprechen über die Aussichten für ihre Anlageklasse und das Umfeld für Frauen im Asset Management.
Lesezeit unter - 5 min
14 Juli 2020

The impact of Covid-19 on UK savers and investors

"For many UK households, the experience of Covid-19 is highlighting a lack of financial resilience and a need to do things differently in the future. There is evidence of a silver lining, with the pandemic leading many to re-think their focus on financial priorities"
Read time - 8 min